Voted as the fourth luxury train in the world, the Palace on Wheels redefines royalty with its onboard lavishness. This is the pioneer of luxury travel in India offering a pleasant journey to travelers from all over the world. The beautiful decor and the state-of-the-art services of the luxury train make every journey a celebration. So, celebrating the Christmas and New Year onboard the Palace on Wheels would be certainly a great experience.

Celebrate Christmas and New Year with Palace on Wheels Train

The Palace on Wheels’ year-end tour offers a perfect family holiday to spend time together in the comfort of royal luxury. You will explore the architectural splendors of the Golden Triangle and sand-stone structures of the abandoned Mughal city Fatehpur Sikri.

The journey will fill you with royal essence whether you wander in the gardens of the City Palace in Jaipur or enjoy boating on the lake Pichola in Udaipur. Take a tour of the Golden Forts in the Sun City Jodhpur or embark on a camel safari in Jaisalmer.

This Christmas with Palace on Wheels

The Palace on Wheels’ guests enjoy world-class amenities onboard in every journeys. But during the festive period of Christmas and New Year, you can experience a special and delightful experience to cherish forever.

This Christmas with Palace on Wheels

Travelers celebrate the year-end festivals in a unique way amid the royal ambience of the palace on wheels. Amazing services, beautiful interiors and cultural performance make for a special Christmas Eve. The train is decorated in a different theme than its regular time and offered special services to mark the festival. So, it is a great way to couple your luxury holiday tour with the celebration of New Year festival.

Celebrate Christmas & New Year in a different style

Previous year’s Christmas celebrations by Palace on Wheels bewitched the guests who were traveling on the luxury train with a very special moment. The kids and other travelers were given gifts of goodies along with good wishes by Santa Claus in the train. The classic interior of the train looked more vibrant after decorated with Christmas trees, colorful stars, and paintings, etc.

Palace on Wheels Santa Claus in the train
Palace on Wheels - Celebrate Christmas & New Year in a different style

Palace on Wheels’ Special Xmas Cake

Last year, the Christmas celebration on Palace on Wheels was really an amazing experience for all who were traveling on the luxury train. A special X- mas cake cutting event on the eve of the Christmas was taken place followed by an extravagant dinner. Fireworks illuminated the entire train which was extremely delightful for all the onboard passengers.

Palace on Wheels’ Special Xmas Cake

Palace on wheels’ Christmas Gala Party

A wonderful Gala party was arranged in the Palace on Wheels that presented an outstanding New Years’ Eve to the passengers onboard. The guests indulged in dancing and exchanged warm wishes with the co-travelers.

Palace on wheels’ Christmas Gala Party

Also, a special folk dance performance stunned the guests who enjoyed a lively atmosphere on the train. They received warm wishes after entering into the New Year. In one word, the passengers of the Palace on Wheels celebrated New Year in a unique way. They enjoyed the party, dance, and music in no less exciting way than how people normally celebrate the New Year.

Come and be a part of the cherished Christmas and New Year festival celebrations on the Palace on Wheels.

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