With only 1 month left for the commencement of Palace on Wheels first seasonal chug, it’s time for you to gear up for Rajasthan tour aboard this Indian luxury train. Although tourists might have already booked for the preferred journey date as per the schedule of Palace on Wheels given below, there are some aspects that must not be overlooked while travelling to a foreign land. Enlisted below are some tips that will facilitate you with a hassle free journey.

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Palace on Wheels Luxury Train

Gather all the required travel Documents

While gearing up for travel especially to a foreign country, one needs to make sure that all your travel documents are in place. Keep all your necessary documents in a file such as passport, visa, insurance, air and train ticket so that they won’t jumble up with the clothes and other accessories in your baggage. Attested photocopies of the original travel documents must be kept as they would help you in case the originals get lost.

Packing the clothes

If you are not an Indian resident, do check the weather conditions of Rajasthan and pack your clothes accordingly. During off train excursions, it is suggested to wear smart casual clothes and comfortable walking shoes because guests on board Palace on Wheels are taken for lunch at five star hotels and cultural programs. If you have opted for winter departure, do make sure to keep warm clothes in your luggage.

Keep Limited Luggage with you

The cabins on board Palace on Wheels have quite less storage space; hence it is advised to carry as per the international airline rules. Also it is recommended that passengers should be carrying soft-topped luggage as they are easy to store.

Pre & Post Hotel Accommodation

In case there is delay in commencement or culmination of this luxury rail journey due to some unforeseen events, it is recommended to book one pre and post night accommodation in a hotel.

If all aforementioned are followed with scrutiny then a hassle free and enjoyable Rajasthan tour aboard Palace on Wheels is guaranteed.