Palace on Wheels Wedding CharterCan Palace on Wheels be a good choice for the wedding ceremony?

“Marriages are made in heaven. On earth, it’s just a ceremony, a matter of a few rituals where girl and boy exchange vows”. You might have heard this or something like that from several people. But can’t this lifetime bond be a memorable affair? Well I bet it can be.

Royal Wedding in Rajasthan is a concept that will leave you spellbound for the rest of life. It is an absolutely rewarding experience because you get an excellent opportunity to make commitments in an ultimate royal setting. Even renowned celebrities such as Russel Peters & Kate Perry and Liz Hurley & Arun Nayyar have chosen to get hitched in this Rajputana state. Now what are the reasons behind that?

•    Availability of the palace turned hotels as a wedding venue.
•    Regal ambience, elegant décor and royal style furniture, all collectively emanates the medieval grandeur and imperial charm.
    An exclusive treatment for bride and groom tantamount to king and queen.
•    Expensive attires for both bride and groom- Sherwani & colorful turban and embroidered lehenga with ethnic jewelry respectively.

But with Rajasthan Tourism and Development Corporation (RTDC) deciding to charter Palace on Wheels for weddings and social events, luxury train traveling in India is all set for new benchmark. For executing a royal wedding in a palace or fort, you might end up spending somewhere around 10 crore or more. But a seven day extravaganza on board Palace on Wheels will cost you around Rs. 2 crore for a list of 100 guests. However, there are some other parameters that will tell you the valuable aspect of this Indian luxury train over luxury hotels. Here they are?

Wedding affair with holiday trip

In a journey lasting up to 8 days and 7 nights, Palace on Wheels crisscrosses the route of the former princely states in Rajasthan which include Jaipur, Sawai Madhopur, Chittorgarh, Udaipur, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur and Bharatpur. Most of the pre-marriage functions such as engagement, Sangeet and cocktail party are preferably organized in the late evening. Also, the itinerary of this Indian luxury train has been designed in a way that you travel at night and explore new destinations every day. So, while the train staff arranges for the pre-nuptial functions, guests on board can explore the city attractions during the day and take delight in the functions in the evening. Such facility is not available at a heritage hotel.

Multiple facilities at a comparatively low price

Booking a heritage hotel for the wedding ceremony is quite an expensive affair, even for the well offs. Be it a room accommodation, dining in a restaurant and selecting a wedding venue along with staff services, you’ll have to bear the individual cost for everything. On the other hand, the price Rs. 2.5 crore is the total cost of chartering Palace on Wheels for the wedding. The cost is all inclusive of grand welcome on arrival, arranging priest on board, honeymoon suite, Sangeet ceremony, cocktails, dinner and not to mention sightseeing tour lasting up to 7 days.

The aforementioned two factors are enough to explain the profitability of Palace on Wheels as an option for arranging marriage and functions pertaining to it. It would not be an overstatement to say that a new style of getting hitched has arrived in India.