Palace on Wheels Rail Tour
Romantic Vacation with Indian Luxury Trains
If you’re looking for romantic travel idea, you need not look further! When it comes to the choose from romantic destinations in India, more often than not Rajasthan is the first preference of celebrities, royalty and who’s who from around the world. Palace on Wheels offers an ultimate honeymoon experience in the land of Rajput princess when it comes to tours to Rajasthan. From the recent honeymoon vacation spent by the royal couple of Bhutan to the pompous wedding of Hollywood celebrities, the royal land of Rajputana is always in news when it comes to the celebration of romance.
There are many ways of spending quality time with your beloved around this time. One such opportunity comes on board Palace on Wheels, India’s award winning luxury train. With its interior exuding an aura of elegance, royalty and romance of a bygone era, Palace on Wheels offers a perfect opportunity to begin a whole new romantic chapter in your life.
The journey lasting over 168 hours aboard Palace on Wheels takes you on a weeklong voyage across some of the most fascinating destinations in Rajasthan. Also included in itinerary is a halt at Agra to visit Taj Mahal, one of the Seven Wonders of the World and probably the most iconic structure commemorating love and romance.
Rajasthan is renowned around the world for its air of romance. The land of Rajput warrior princes is sprinkled with palaces and pleasure gardens and the great forts. Connoisseurs and patron of arts as they were, Maharajas of yore not just raised temples to honor their patron gods but  the towers of victories and the mausoleums to commemorate their dead kings and heroes. Romance of royalty together with the ancient arts and crafts of Rajasthan, are still there to be discovered and cherished by anyone who visits the land of the Rajputs.
The romance of the royal land of Rajputs reaches its crescendo in Udaipur, fondly referred to as the “Venice of the East“, an ultimate honeymoon destination in India. Voted by leading magazines and travel connoisseurs as the most romantic destination in India, Udaipur evokes a mesmerizing feeling of romance with its lakes, forts and breathtaking lake palaces.
Perhaps the most iconic structure in Udaipur is the Lake which has been the choice of who’s who from all around the world. A romantic dinner or sundowner cocktail in the evening amidst the placid Lake Pichola is an experience of a lifetime comparable to the best of romantic evenings anywhere in the world.
But it’s not just the fort, palaces and painted havelis which conjure the romance of Rajasthan, Sam Sand dunes in Jaisalmer has its own clientele of admirers.  It is said that undulating sand dunes come alive with the rays of setting sun gleaming golden and creating bewitching, bedazzling scenery and Palace on Wheels itinerary offer you an opportunity to live this moment. A camel ride in the sand dunes with the gorgeous view of sunset followed by a cultural show adds to the romance of a royal journey on board the Palace on Wheels.
Whereas the buildup of romance in Rajasthan is reached at Udaipur, the culmination of the romance of Palace on Wheels itinerary is reached when this luxury train chugs into Agra on the penultimate day of its itinerary.Taj Mahal, the magnum opus of Mughal Architecture, is a celebration of love. A burnished beacon built entirely from white marble, Taj Mahal is one of the must visit destination in every travelers list and considered not just “a piece of architecture, but the proud passions of an emperor’s love wrought in living stones.”
If you are seduced by the romance of train travel, Palace on Wheels journey is your ultimate honeymoon offering you ample time and space to unravel the varied tapestry of magnificent landscape of Rajput warrior princes. Desert, forts, wildlife and jungles and a glimpse of myriad colors are all embedded in a spectacular journey along elegant interiors, state of the art on board facilities, gourmet dining and traditional Indian hospitality.