“Culture binds human beings with their roots”. Rajasthan is one such state where culture is not just a legacy passed on from one generation to another but a way of living life. The fairs and festivals in this state are celebrated with great fervor and enthusiasm. Being a part of these fairs and festivals gives you ample opportunities for unique cultural interactions. But how about a Rajasthan tour where every day brings to fore a vibrant cultural panorama set with folk dance and musical performances? The seven day long voyage aboard India’s first luxury train-Palace on Wheels- can be rightly termed as cultural illumination and indescribable merriment. The colorful life and rich heritage of this land are all captured by the cultural folk performances that took place at every halt of Palace on Wheels train. Vibrant, vigorous and graceful, the folk dance performances are found in infinite variations in Rajasthan. These dances have been designed to express different emotions of human being. Each region of Rajasthan has its own dynamic folk dance forms which involve flaunting dynamic and graceful body movements, will surely bound you to tap a foot along with the dancers. The colorful costumes worn by the dancers transform monochromatic hues of this land into colors of life. Browse through the brief description of folk dance performances that are organized during the course of this weeklong royal sojourn onboard Palace on Wheels.

Ghoomar Dance 

Performed by Rajput women’s on auspicious occasions, Ghoomar is marked by simple yet graceful swaying movements. The dance form was developed by Bhil tribe and was later adopted by Rajput ladies.

 Places on Wheels Rajasthan, Ghoomar Dance
Ghoomar Dance
Ghoomar Dance
Rajasthan Ghoomar Dance

The vista created at the time of dance is quite scenic as the skirts of women twirls when they move in circles with their faces covered with mask. At many places in Rajasthan, Ghoomar is also performed as a ritual after being welcomed into groom’s house.

Chari Dance

In Chari, dancer’s balance a brass pot (Chari) filled with ignited cotton seeds on their heads. The dancers perform several graceful and swaying movements in such a state.

Chari Dance
Chari Dance
Chari Dance of Rajasthan

It is really amazing to see effortless and graceful moves of the dancers without any fear of possible danger of getting burned. The dance form is mainly popular in Marwar (Jodhpur) region of Rajasthan where Palace on Wheels halts on the 6th day.

Kachhi Ghodi

Originated from the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan, Kachhi Godhi make dancers wear elaborate dresses with dummy horses.

Kachhi Ghodi Dance
Kachhi Ghodi Dance of Rajasthan

This energetic dance form includes mock fights, sword show off and graceful movements to the rhythmic beats of pipes and drums. The dance is mainly performed for the merriment of bridegroom party. Shekhawati region where Kachhi Godhi is performed is situated in close proximity to Jaisalmer where Palace on Wheels halts on 5th day.

Fire Dance

By far the most difficult Rajasthani folk dance to perform, Fire Dance is a devout dance performance carried out by the Jasnathi community of Bikaner and Churu. The deadly dance performance involves breathtaking fire stunts wherein dancers hold fire rod in their hands, fill up their mouth with kerosene and perform on a large bed of blazing charcoal.

Fire Dance
Fire Dance of Rajasthan

Kalbeliya Dance

It is one of the major folk dance forms in Rajasthan performed by the Kalbeliya tribe. The dancers are dressed with long black skirts adorned with silver ribbons.They move into circles with amazing suppleness and immense energy on the glowing cinders, which is truly a breathtaking sight to behold.

Kalbelia Dance Rajasthan
Kalbeliya dance of Rajasthan

Guests on board Palace on Wheels get to savor the performance of Kalbeliya tribe after a camel safari in Sam sand dunes over sundowner cocktails and barbecue dinner. All in all, Palace on Wheels not just acquaints you with the bygone heritage of Rajputana rulers but also delight your hearts with cultural programs where vigorous dance and music performances brought the shades of merriment to this monochromatic land.